Learn to Solve Network Problems with Wireshark

Packet Pioneer delivers world-class training and analysis services with the Wireshark protocol analyzer. Learn to dive deep into the packets on your network to find and fix problems fast.

What Students Are Saying!

  • “I would highly recommend Chris for Wireshark Training. I’ve taken the week long class through (other), but I preferred his style and approach to Wireshark”
    Network Engineer – Fortune 100 Company (2020)
  • “The format of Chris' training was extremely interactive and he was always happy to pause and answer questions. We very much enjoyed working with Chris, and highly recommend Packet Pioneer for those with an interest in network traffic analysis.”
    Jamin Becker – Dynamite Analytics - (Sept 2020)
  • “We asked Chris for some targeted training and he adapted, on-the-fly, to deliver what we needed. Chris is a terrific educator with a knack for explaining complex concepts.”
    Adam Pumphrey – Dynamite Analytics - (Sept 2020)
  • “Best training I’ve ever had. The training was very interactive. Chris stripped down TCP and explained it in detail. I can’t recommend his training enough”
    Network Engineer – Fortune 10 Company (2020)
  • “We had application issues we could not identify. Within a day Chris found the culprit. Packet Pioneer saved my bacon!”
    Tim Pfannes – Groundwork0
  • “Our network was always slow and sluggish. No consultants could find the issue. Chris was able to quick identify the problem and help us resolve it.”
    John Sly  – Pine Bush Equipment
  • “Our team is very excited to use the new skills that Packet Pioneer taught. Chris was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic!”
    Kevin S. – Utilities Company in Southern California

Courses & Training

Want to see how fun, hands-on, and interactive a virtual course can be? Check out our open-enrollment Wireshark training, or schedule a custom private training for your distributed team.

TCP/IP Deep Dive Analysis with Wireshark (Two Days)


Private Wireshark Training


On-Site Training

Bring Chris on-site for a custom course that will sharpen the packet skills of your network engineering and security teams. Customizable for any experience level.

Tell us a little more about yourself and your Private Training:

Got a few hours and want to pack-in some packets? Check out Chris’ Wireshark courses available on Pluralsight. (Subscription required)



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Packet Pioneer is devoted to helping engineers and developers of all experience levels gain comfort with packet analysis.
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