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Learn to Solve Network Problems with Wireshark

Packet Pioneer delivers world-class training and analysis services with the Wireshark protocol analyzer. Learn to dive deep into the packets on your network to find and fix problems fast.

What Students Are Saying!

  • “I would highly recommend Chris for Wireshark Training. I’ve taken the week long class through (other), but I preferred his style and approach to Wireshark”
    Network Engineer – Fortune 100 Company (2020)
  • “Best training I’ve ever had. The training was very interactive. Chris stripped down TCP and explained it in detail. I can’t recommend his training enough”
    Network Engineer – Fortune 10 Company (2020)
  • “We had application issues we could not identify. Within a day Chris found the culprit. Packet Pioneer saved my bacon!”
    Tim Pfannes – Groundwork0
  • “Our network was always slow and sluggish. No consultants could find the issue. Chris was able to quick identify the problem and help us resolve it.”
    John Sly  – Pine Bush Equipment
  • “Our team is very excited to use the new skills that Packet Pioneer taught. Chris was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic!”
    Kevin S. – Utilities Company in Southern California

Courses & Training

Want to see how fun, hands-on, and interactive a virtual course can be? Check out our open-enrollment Wireshark training, or schedule a custom private training for your distributed team.

Network Analysis Fundamentals With Wireshark (Two Days)


Private Wireshark Training


On-Site Training

Bring Chris on-site for a custom course that will sharpen the packet skills of your network engineering and security teams. Customizable for any experience level.

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Got a few hours and want to pack-in some packets? Check out Chris’ Wireshark courses available on Pluralsight. (Subscription required)



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Packet Pioneer is devoted to helping engineers and developers of all experience levels gain comfort with packet analysis.
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