May 9, 2020

How TCP Works - The TCPTrace Graph

In my Wireshark courses we always spend time on the tcptrace graph. It is an excellent way to track down slowness in file transfers. However, interpreting it can be difficult, just because there is so much going on.

In this video, we break down the tcptrace graph to learn how to use it to troubleshoot problems in file transfers. Check it out!

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One comment on “How TCP Works - The TCPTrace Graph”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I bumped into your youtube channel yesterday while searching for packet analysis information. Being a VoIP engineer that sits a lot overwhelmed and frustrated at packet captures, I was really excited to find on youtube a guy that's a real 'packet head' and really knows Wireshark and teaches how to troubleshoot. your content is really informative, interesting, and humorous. Keep it up!

    Ahron Greenberg

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